2017 Bunny Run With Edward Lifegem and HeatherTheWizard

If you couldn't make it to Edward Lifegem's Bunny run on March 25, 2017 at 3pm cst/4pm est, then you really missed out on one heck of an event. Overall this was a very nicely well put together event with a lot of community involvement and fun. The Bunny run was nicely done, the overall route throughout Wizard City was accessible even for non-crown players. After the Bunny Run we went to the after party by which you could pick to go to the PVP home or the Housing Game home and it was awesome. The games and giveaways are awesome and with Edward Lifegem there, HeatherTheWizard was there also! She was streaming on twitch and she was also a major figure in the event. It was fun and awesome and i hope we can have other events like this :)

~Kevin Thunderthief

Wizard101 Test Realm 2017


Now you can capture the “Animus” of monsters through the magic of Monstrology. Wizards level 12 and above should visit Monstrologist Burke across from the Myth School in Ravenwood to take on the quest, “Know Thine Enemy” for an introduction to the new Monstrology system in Wizard101.

New Skeleton Key Bosses

Find Sapoti in the Hall of Doors in Krokotopia (Wooden Skeleton Key Boss).

Find Captain Hockins in Zafaria’s Waterfront (Stone Skeleton Key Boss).

Find Mirage’s Verboten Mimic in Aggrobah near the river area (Gold Skeleton Key Boss).

I wish you all good luck on these bosses because nothing is ever easy, and hopefully you will find good loot along the way ;)

Level 18 School Pets

The Arcanum Scholars now have a new quest available to those who are level 118. They will summon you to talk to them in the Arcanum and will send you on a quest to earn a new school pet.

There is other test realm updates also so if you like go look at them on Wizard101.com

Wizard101 8th Birthday

Well its that time of year again where we celebrate our favorite game, it is Kingsisle's 8th birthday and as a gift they have a free code for everyone that gives:

Use the promo code gobblerATEbday to redeem the following gifts:

  • 1 Dragon's Hoard Pack
  • 1 Energy Elixir
  • 1 8th Anniversary Gobbler Cake
  • 2 Gobbler Stoppers Pet Snacks
  • 1 Grumpy Gobbler Music Scroll
  • 1 Gobbler Transformation
  • 1 Gobbler Piñata Housing Item

PvP Update

Now critical hits will be less painful in PvP. Where a Critical hit still does double damage in PvE, it will now only do 1.25 times more damage in PvP. For example, a critical hit from a 100 damage spell will now do 125 damage in PvP and 200 damage in PvE.

If you’ve been intimidated by onlookers in PvP before, there’s now an option to block both text chat and menu chat from other players who are watching your matches.

The Talos spell card from the Crabling pet is now flagged No PVP, and the Battle Cherub’s Guardian Spirit spell card is now flagged No PvP.

Summer 2016 Update

The summer brought about many things including the lvl 50 boost elixir, tournaments for gold and new astral magic for max wizards.

There is also a new boss and quest.   Brandon has a brand new quest, “Trial by Dragon’s Fire,” for those Wizards who have completed the quest “Into the Bleaks.” Brandon will also be able to help you on your journey through a minion spell, and you’ll even be getting a free treasure card with the Brandon spell right when you first accept the quest. If you like to hunt for cool gear, don’t miss the new Dragonborn Helms you have a chance to get from repeating this awesome boss fight!

Thanks for visiting with us, Brandon, and thanks for playing Wizard101! You helped us design a really cool fight that everyone is going to love . . . but watch out! This boss fight was designed by a pro player and is tuned to accommodate a full party of four players.


Welcome to Kevin Thunderthiefs Blog, here Wizards like us rule. Here you can be yourself as a wizard and have fun.

Thanks to Wizard101 Central for making all of you guys see this wonderful blog.

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